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News Flash: April 9, 2015


Manitoba sunflower acres set to rise

An increase in sunflower plantings is expected in the province this year due to an early spring, along with drier conditions in western Manitoba and favorable prices. Nearly all of the sunflowers grown in Canada are grown in Manitoba. Excess moisture in recent years has limited sunflower growth in the region. 75,000 acres of sunflowers were grown in 2014, but about 80,000 acres have been grown over the past 5 years. Darcelle Graham, executive director of the National Sunflower Association of Canada, says that sunflowers price out favorably compared to other cropping options and should offer good return, with acres likely to split 70/30 between confectionary and oilseed varieties. CNS Canada



California ethanol plant to trial Syngenta Enogen corn

Syngenta recently announced its signed trial agreement with Pacific Ethanol, Inc. to begin using Enogen® grain at its production facility, in Madera, California, following the 2015 corn harvest. Enogen corn enzyme technology offers ethanol plants an alternative to traditional liquid, alpha amylase, by providing the enzyme directly in the corn kernel. The major decrease in corn mash viscosity will result in increased throughput, yield, as well as reduced energy usage. Enogen’s ability to reduce carbon footprint plays an important role in meeting the future carbon reduction targets which are set by California’s low carbon fuel standard.  SeedQuest


USA – Biofuel crops replace grasslands

The University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers show, in a study on April 2, 2015, that crops expanded onto 7 million acres of new land in the United States over a 4 year period, by replacing millions of acres with grasslands. This study contradicts the thought of clearing grasslands to make way for biofuels as counterproductive. The study is published in the journal for Environmental Research Letters. The study also addresses the debate over whether the recent increase in demand for common biofuel crops has led to the carbon emitting conversion of natural areas. SeedQuest



Western Australia – Getting the good oil on the right canola for your region

Oil and blackleg resistance data is now available for WA canola varieties to assist in planning 2015 break crop plantings. The GRDC Department of Agriculture and Food’s (DAFWA) ‘Canola Variety Guide for WA 2015’ summarized the most updated agronomic and commercial information for both new and existing varieties. Data is split into six regions in order to help growers locate the best options for their local area. SeedQuest



Genetically modified corn seeds introduced to Vietnamese farmers

A subsidiary of the US Monsanto Company, Dekalb Vietnam, launched the first integrated knowledge transfer field in the southern province of Dong Nai yesterday. The subsidiary introduces genetically modified (GM) corn seeds to farmers. The project aims to give a number of Vietnamese farmers the chance to grow corn seeds with both weed management and insect protection traits for the first time. This knowledge can also be transferred to thousands of farmers in order to capture yield potential and increase the stability, success, and profit of farming operations. Vietnam Investment Review



ADM pledges to end deforestation arising out of soy and palm oil cultivation

Archer Daniels Midland (ADM), a large agri-business player, has vowed to curb deforestation linked to soy and palm oil cultivation. ADM’s new policy against deforestation will include the mapping of its supply chains against high carbon stock forests, high conservation value areas, peat lands, and action plans to create more sustainable production and sourcing of soy and palm oil for food and feed, according to Victoria Podesta, ADM’s chief communications officer.

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Cargill’s drone programme to begin palm oil drone testing in Malaysia

Cargill is working towards its goal of a completely sustainable palm oil supply by 2020. Cargill’s palm oil process update sums up the efforts thus far by the US headquartered agriculture major. Highlights of the report include increasing volume of palm oil that can be traced back to the mill level, along with supplier outreach expansion. The report stated the help of drones towards sustainability. They will also help to map out and monitor forest land in need of protection. Food Production Daily



Guidelines could spur transition to more responsible soy production: FEFAC

The EU feed manufacturers’ federation (FEFAC) has published draft soy sourcing guidelines in hopes to help resolve the current disconnect in the European debate over responsible soy cultivation and facilitate greater mainstream market supply for sustainable soy. The guidelines were discussed with soy stakeholders at a workshop in Brussels last week. Feed Navigator